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Coming Soon

Hello darlings! I’m sorry for not posting any outfits lately! I’ve had so much homework and I just joined theatre so I have also been busy with the rehearsals. However, I’m organizing my agenda and getting as much stuff done as I can this weekend so I can post a lot more this upcoming week! Love you all and hope you like my future posts!!!

With all the love in my heart,

Goreti T.

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Love, love, love…

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Hello darlings! What do you think about love? Do you believe it’s the most incredible thing ever? Or do you absolutely hate it? Well, I think that either way, either you love it or hate it, there comes a point where you want it, or worse yet, where you need it. I think I’ve got to this point, and I really don’t like it. I’m a pretty independent girl and the thought of needing someone else to feel complete or to feel loved terrifies me. Don’t get me wrong, I love love! I think there’s a possibility that I’m in the Top 10 Most Hopeless Romantics. However, everyone around me seems to be finding the love of their lives and they all seem so complete, so full of life and love, and I’m so happy for all of them but, when is that going to happen to me? Will it ever happen? And that’s the thing that scares me the most, what if it doesn’t? And every time I start asking myself this question (which, sadly, happens very often) I remember all the times when I’ve wanted something and got sad or angry when I didn’t get it, only to find out that I got something better after, because maybe I just had to wait for the right timing, the precise moment, maybe I wasn’t ready before. Yesterday I read something that really got to me, it was about a girl that didn’t want to give a piece of her peanut butter chocolate chip bagel to her dog, she said that it seemed as if the dog wanted that more than anything else in the world, however, he couldn’t understand how bad he would feel if he ate it. The girl in the story said, “When I do not give in, she eventually gives up and lays in the corner, under the piano, drooping and sad. I hope the universe has my best interest in mind like I have my dog’s. When I want something with my whole being, and the universe withholds it from me, I hope the universe thinks to itself:  Silly girl. She thinks this is what she wants, but she does not understand how it will hurt.” So maybe I just have to wait a little longer. Maybe it’s still not the right time, maybe the love of my life is not ready, maybe I’m the one who’s not ready. So, what about you? Have you found your soulmate? Or do you still have to wait for that perfect moment?

With all the love in my heart,

Goreti T.

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Take Me Back

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Hello darlings! Every time the beginning of the school year comes, I wish summer had lasted longer. It is inevitable, it’s as if those 3 months of vacation flew by in front of me and I didn’t even notice. This year is no different from the others and I have found myself daydreaming in several of my classes. Instead of focusing on the teacher, I’m suddenly thinking of a cruise through Alaska and imagining myself getting those delicious little desserts from the buffet. Yummy! I really wish I could time travel to this past summer and enjoy the days I spent in Alaska with my family all over again. I had so much fun and got to see so many breathtaking places, it was an incredible experience! I want to go back!!! But, oh well, this semester has started and I have to give it my best! Hope you all had an amazing summer and I wish you all a very successful semester if you’re still in school!

With all the love in my heart,

Goreti T.


(This was one of my favorite outfits of the trip.)

Top (poncho) & Necklace – Ann Taylor

Leggings – Forever21

Boots – Nine West

Beret – Souvenir from Paris

Ring – Gift from my grandmother



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Are you crazy enough?

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Hello darlings! I recently saw a Mexican film called “Casi Treinta” (Almost Thirty) and it completely changed my thoughts about the future. Don’t you love those kinds of movies? The ones that inspire and motivate you! Well, I hope you do because I absolutely adore them! However, I wanted to talk to you about something that was mentioned in this movie. At the end of the movie, the main character looks directly into the camera and says, “Nuestro tiempo es limitado, no hay que desperdiciarlo viviendo la vida de alguien mas” which means, “Our time is limited, we shouldn’t waste it by living someone else’s life.” This really affected me because I feel like most of my life I have said and done what others wanted me to say and do, I have lived the life that everyone expected me to live instead of living how I really wanted to. So when I heard this phrase in the film I felt as if the main character was talking directly to me. I felt like it was some sort of sign from the universe to stop doing what I didn’t enjoy and to start following my dreams and doing things that I’m really passionate about. They say that only the ones who are crazy enough to think they can succeed, will, in fact, succeed. So from now on, I will be the craziest person on earth and I will believe in my dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. I hope you do this too. You deserve to be crazy, you have done so many things for everyone around you, now it’s your time! Do you think one day your dream might come true? Do you think you have the strength in you to defeat any obstacle that gets in your way? Do you think you can do it? Are you crazy enough to do it? 

With all the love in my heart,

Goreti T.

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Birthday Girl

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Hello darlings! What a better first post, than a birthday post?! I think birthdays are kind of a new beginning, so I thought it was perfect to start my blog on this month, Leo’s month, my month. (My birthday was on the 22nd but it’s still August, so it still counts.) I am incredibly inspired and have many ideas for this blog, StyleDeLaVie, and I hope you can follow me on this new journey. I hope to inspire and help you in any way possible, and I would love for you to find your own style and your own voice with the help and advice that I will be posting here. Thank you for reading me!

With all the love in my heart, 
Goreti T.

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